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Curcumin Forte - 30 Vegetable capsules

Curcumin Forte - 30 Vegetable capsules
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Product Code: Curcumin Forte - 30 Vegetable capsules
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Inflammation buster, detoxer!

  • The body sees a phytochemical (plant) as a hormone. The phytochemical goes into the cytoplasm of the cell and then the nucleus and works on pro-inflammatory mediators: inhibiting them, and as a result, lowers inflammation in the body and skin.
  • Aids with aches, pains, overexercising recovery, settles skin treatments by reducing inflammation, tight muscles, massage clients, detoxifies the liver, antioxidants also boost immunity and gut related problems (anti-inflammation), Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Curcumin also helps with detox pathway phase 2 through activating enzymes in this pathway that remove toxic metabolites (toxins, lead and mercury).
  • Chelates Lead and Cadmium out of the body.
  • For oily skin Curcumin benefits by balancing sebum production eg. acneic skin.
  • In India they make an anti-ageing paste to clear skin and reduce inflammation for many skin conditions.
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